Is God calling you to start a church?

RiverTree’s family of churches wants to plant churches that plant churches that plant churches because we believe this is an integral piece of accomplishing our vision of sending out 20,000 missionaries to Ohio and beyond. Potential planters go through a one-to-two year church planting residency where we invest the best of our DNA, philosophy, learnings, experience, practices, influence, funds, and people as we send out church planting launch teams.

Why a Church Plant Residency?

A Church Planting Residency within RiverTree gives you a head start in the church planting process and ensures you have a long runway to prepare for the unique challenges and joys of planting a new church.


We want to locate visionary, humble, kingdom-minded leaders who get excited about gathering, building teams, and multiplying themselves and churches. This person should have experience in ministry settings, an entrepreneurial spirit, and drive.


This position is a 12-to-24 month program. The first six-to-twelve months will be focused on investing in the resident, fundraising a portion of one’s salary, and providing experience in our culture while planning a timeline and launch strategy behind the scenes. The second six-to-twelve months will be the execution of the launch strategy including fundraising for the church, deciding the location of the church plant and recruiting. Church Planting Residents are full-time staff members at RiverTree.


• Training in general church leadership and philosophy of ministry
• Theological instruction
• Guidance in casting vision and strategic planning
• Training in discipleship – one-on-one and corporately, including planning of multiplication
• Access to relational & theological networks (Exponential Conference, New Thing, Forge, etc.)
• Guidance in financial planning/budgeting and fundraising
• Experience in administration, project management and workflow
• Training in recruitment, team building and delegation
• Experience in communication (large group/platform/small group/training meetings)
• Coaching with Network Leader and other local experienced church planters
• Access to ongoing relationships and resources
• Training in leading a staff/team with access to each member of our team.
• Exposure to ministry and life in the northeast Ohio
• Opportunity for capable young leaders


Click the link below and send us your resume to start the process of becoming a RiverTree Network planter. We can’t wait to talk with you!